ANZAC Day the Oxford.jpg


The 25th of April is a day we all come together to commemorate the sacrifice our armed services personnel made in the storming of Gallipoli in 1915.


On this day we raise a glass to all that have served our Great Nation, not just the brave soldiers who stormed the beaches over 100 years ago.


Join us as we transform our ground floor into the biggest, and best 2UP Ring in Drummoyne. 

From 4pm in the Sports Bar we’ll have the titanic ANZAC Day clash between the Roosters and Dragons, followed by a potential top of the table clash between the Mighty Melbourne Storm and our Kiwi brethren, the NZ Warriors. 


If the footy isn’t what you’re into we’ll have a live acoustic session upstairs, kicking off at sun down.


Doors open at 9am. 2UP from Midday. Footy Live ‘n’ Loud from 4pm. Acoustic session from Sun Down.